Mission Admission seeks to help students make informed decisions on the courses and colleges to select post their schooling. They can ask questions, browse through college profiles and know the latest information on the admissions front.


Mission Admission aims to act as a decision support system for the anxious students and helps them make good career choices. Since mass counseling sessions only address general queries and personal counseling is out of reach for most students, we become the enablers in this process and help students get their specific queries answered by the experts and students who have been an integral part of the admissions processes.

College admissions phase is one of the most crucial phases in any student's life. Everyone wants to take the best course in the best college. When college application dates are announced, there is a lot of anxiety as to which course and college a student should select. Those who do not make it to the desired college, start looking for alternatives.

This is a truly community-run website, made for students and run by students, putting to use the benefits of shared community learning on the Internet. Our expert panel of counsellors will help you by answering every conceivable query around college admissions. We also capture the latest news around admissions and feature all the relevant Times of India admissions articles, just in case you have missed any.

We also believe that enabling students with similar concerns to come together and talk to each other on this platform, without any intermediation, will help allay anxieties that are common at such a time.


Here's how it works. If you have a question; simply post it on 'ask an expert' page under the relevant subject. Your question will be answered by one of our experts. At the same time, we believe that other students who may have had similar concerns as yours at some time may help you find the answer. We require a less-than-one-minute registration, which will help us further customize the results that are served to you.